Planescape 5e

Slumber Party

the one with Tralista

Night falls on Sigil and the party decides to find lodging for the night. Kallista offers stay at her home in the the Lower Ward. The group begins their way back through the streets, heading towards the Great Bazaar. En route, they come upon a gathering of Harmonium guards, huddled around the entrance to the alleyway where Ramiya was killed. Communicating with the guards is the goblin merchant whose stall was only around the corner. Dob, via lip reading, is able to ascertain that the female goblin is giving a description to the guards that bares a striking resemblance to the make-up of their party: “elf, dark skinned; tiefling; red scaled half-dragon man” etc.

At this, the party decides to sneak off in the opposite direction, moving through the Clerk’s Ward. Patrolling the streets are more Harmonium guards. The party briefly discusses the idea of turning themselves in but after taking a closer look at the patrol of guards, they determine that they aren’t yet being actively looked for. The group moves through the main streets of the ward, little attention being given to them.

They continue on their journey to Kallista’s house, passing through the Hive Ward on their way before finally making it to the Lower Ward.

Kallista’s home is a small dwelling situated between two much larger buildings, as if they were built up around the side. The home is wood with faded and peeling pink paint. When one stands at the doorway, you can see through each room and clear out the back door.

The party spreads out on the floor and Dob takes his slumber in the bathtub. Kallista sleeps in the one room she shares with her younger sister, Tralista.

Morning arises. Tralista greats the group with much pre-teen skepticism, questions her sister about the new addition to their home, and flounces off to the kitchen with an eye roll when she is unsatisfied with the answer. She warns the group to stay of their cupboards.

The group decides to head to the Grand Bazaar, in search of wares. On their way they travel through the affluent area of the Lady’s Ward. The Harmonium guards on duty take an interest in the party but make no physical movement towards them.

It is the busy morning hour and the Grand Bazaar is usually filled with activity from merchants attempting to quickly prepare their stalls for the day’s customers.

Kallista and Dob anticipate this type of atmosphere but when they arrive, they are greeted by the mostly deserted plaza of the bazaar. Through the thick, seemingly perpetual fog of Sigil they spot the familiar stall of Nigel and a shadow moving about the structure. Valakas attempts to peer through the mist but he is unable to determine who the movement belongs to.

Arradir decides to seek out his faction, the Free League. He begins to move through the plaza, using his affinity for stealth to remain unseen.


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