Planescape 5e

The Goblin Vendor and Back Alley Reach Around

the one where Valakas almost gets shanked

To fulfill the verbal contract with Nigel the merchant, the Party heads back out into the wards of Sigil. Elander, the aasimar wizard, completely new to this world, finds it too stressful to be in possession of the Tracking Wand and be responsible for leading the Party with it. Elander hands the wand to Kallista, the tiefling fighter. Dob, the half-elven bard, suggests they search the streets of the Guildhall Ward since he used to play music with some of his band mates there. Kallista, using the Tracking Wand discovers that it vibrates in the same direction as Dob’s suggestion. The party ventures into the neighboring ward and Dob ends up empty-handed when he does not see any of his band mates along the main streets, though the sites of the Civic Festhall and Great Gymnasium loom over in the distance. Immediately street side the party notices three merchant stalls: two to their left and one to their right. They approach the food vendor to their right, operated by a hunched, elder goblin of indeterminate gender (though Kallista is able to identify it’s gender due to her familiarity with such creatures in the city). A’Box, the rogue modron fighter, reaches one of its four hands out to pinch at the deep wrinkles that hang below the goblin’s eyes. Dob and Valakas, the dragonborn fighter, hang back behind the group as observers. Arradir, the dark elf rogue, does his favorite thing and hides out in an alley south of the stall. Valakas, experiencing a sudden feeling of anxiety wash over him at the foreignness of the situation, retreats to another nearby alley north of the stall. A’Box offends the goblin merchant with its gesture and Kallista attempts damage control. Valakas feels a small, but strong arm wrap around his neck and a dagger, the blade reflecting nearby light, presented in front of his face while an order to follow is issued in his ear by a feminine voice. The soft pitter-patter of feet hitting stone can be heard behind him. When Valakas fails to resist, the bladed female calls back to the extra set of feet “Now is the time!” At this moment, Valakas lifts the female up-and-over his shoulder and slams her back onto the hard cobblestone, immediately crying out “Help!” to his new found companions. Valakas turns to face the other individual, another female, at the same time she tells him “Come with us peacefully.” The dragonborn shakes the effect off of her command and the female takes off running down the alley. Arradir hears the footsteps running down the alley behind him, turns, and lets lose one of his arrows in the escapees direction. His aim is true and he strikes the female in the calf, causing her to stumble into a kneel.


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