Planescape 5e

Everyone's Favorite Color is Green

the short one

Valakas is assisted by Kallista, who strikes at the dragonborn’s assailant with the blunt end of her great axe. The strike is true. It is punctuated by a cracking sound. The female attacker clutches her ribs as blood begins to darken her garments. Looking to Kallista, the attacker angrily asks, between gritted teeth, why she would be so willing to help someone who is clearly an outsider. Without waiting for a response, the anonymous female turns on heel and, using the last of her energy reserves, begins to run towards the back of the alley from where she first emerged.

Meanwhile, Arradir faces down his own opponent. The second female, fallen onto bent knee, disappears from her position in the alley before the dark elf rogue is able to react. Arradir, suddenly feeling unable to trust his senses, moves into the same space occupied by the female just seconds ago. She is not there.

Valakas does not let his assailant escape: he kicks her square in the back. She falls face first into the stone surface of the alley and does not rise. Kallista and A’Box use rope to restrain the woman and begin rifling through her pockets. They find a smooth, oval stone. It is no larger than the palm of a human’s hand and it emits a faint warmth and flickering light from its interior.

Elander and Dob have both taken the opportunity to observe the situation. It ended just as quickly as it started and there wasn’t much time for many to act.


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